Fire and Emergency Management for Healthcare Facilities - Innovative Technology for the Disasters of Today and the Future

There is a lot of technology out there to support disaster planning, mitigation, response and recovery. Most are designed for a region or state. Our tools are designed to provide the healthcare entity with a facility-specific website that complements regional and state capabilities. Whether or not a regional Emergency Operations Center (EOC) activates, hospitals, nursing homes and other care facilities can work together to protect their patients/residents and staff. is a customized web tool for our clients that manages corporate or regional emergency information for evacuation, resources and assets.

Our technology system:

RPA has developed proprietary web-based systems to link our clients with community partners and other healthcare facilities. In the 2011, 2012 and 2013 storms of the Northeast, the states utilizing the system were the only ones capable of giving rapid and concise information to CMS about the number of facilities on generators, open beds and other operational issues in one consolidated, automated format. 

What the system includes:

  • Generator Data - All data on the facility's generator(s), generator company, cable run for a replacement/rental generator and what equipment is served by generator in the building is collected and ready for emergency management agencies
  • Pre-designated Evacuation Sites - Matched by the type of acuity, facilities can pre-select the sites that best fit their patient/resident population
  • Vehicles - All vehicles owned by a facility are entered and aggregated to use for movement of staff, patients/residents (when EMS is not necessary), equipment and supplies
  • EMS or other Transportation Needs - An electronic transportation evacuation survey is integrated into the technology system
  • Patient Tracking - This module follows the time tested paper patient tracking system used by RPA.  This complements the paper system to track patients/residents on the front or back-end during a disaster.
  • Vendors - Aggregate vendor information across regions or states to have back-up vendors locally and regionally to support continuity of care.

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Talk to RPA about the compatibility or information sharing with the emergency reporting and data management systems that may currently be in place in your state.

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